About Jeeves

Hi, my name is Sanjeev (aka Jeeves). My journey to living healthy started 14 years ago when I was diagnosed with shingles—a viral infection prevalent in older adults with extremely weakened immune systems—on the left side of my face/head at the age of 20. Although I thought I was taking care of my body by working out and swimming daily, I was still coming home and eating frozen/canned foods and fast food from places like Subway, as well as eating infrequently. I suffered for weeks from immense pain and lack of sleep (due to waking up in the middle of the night from my face touching my pillow). It was even difficult to go outside as even a slight breeze on my face caused me to tear up from pain. Even after my “recovery”, I experienced lingering tingling/itching sensations for years, not to mention scarring (some of which still remain). From this painful experience I was forced to endure for several years, I learned to be conscious of what I was putting in my body and how that interacted with my physical activities. Although terrible, this experience was truly a gift, setting me on a journey to my own understanding of health.

I started my adult life in the biomedical engineering field, first as an undergraduate and graduate student, then as a researcher publishing two peer-reviewed studies, and later as an engineer working on medical devices for cardiovascular diseases for the better part of six years. After a while, this work stopped fulfilling me and I sought out new ways to serve others. Following this calling, I decided to take a risk and leave my comfortable engineering career behind to create my own path—studying meditation through Vipassana centers around the world, living with Buddhist monks in a monastery, and living with a minimalistic mindset in a campervan with the intention to connect to nature and deepen my personal meditation practice while traveling through New Zealand. My endless curiosity for all things spiritual took me around the world and taught me about life in cultures vastly different from my own. From the Māori people of New Zealand to the Shipibo tribe of the Amazon jungle to the Buddhist and Vedic traditions of India. I’ve also taken my yoga and meditation practice to the next level and gained my Yoga Instructor certification from the Council for Yoga Accreditation International (CYAI) and co-founded an online, donation-based yoga/meditation studio called Cosmic Yoga, with the goal of fostering one’s intuition for a higher quality of life.

FeedmeJeeves was created as an expression of the lessons my unique life experiences have taught me and serves as a way for me to promote the most important aspect for a better wellbeing—namely, to prioritize our physical health and treat our bodies with the sacredness it deserves by working closely with the life both in and around us. That’s why I strive to find the best naturally-occurring medicines with a long history of use throughout civilization, including ones that care for the living bacteria in our bodies. I aim to empower others with the knowledge behind and use of these products with the ultimate goal of becoming strong enough such that we no longer need these products to boost our system. Although this ideology counters our current healthcare system—which alternatively aims to sustain health problems to create recurring "customers" of their "medicine"—I know it’s possible to achieve given the lessons I’ve learned from western medicine/science, the Amazon jungle, and the Ayurvedic principles in traditional Indian medicine.

I hope FeedmeJeeves helps you on your path to better health as it has helped me. These are the things I feed myself...